BMI 15.5

BMI 15 to 15.9 is Severely underweight

With a BMI of 15.5, your weight may be too low. People with a low BMI score are essentially starving to death by not taking in enough calories to maintain a healthy body weight.

Severely underweight

Sometimes people become dangerously underweight, either due to inadequate food intake, problems digesting or absorbing nutrients, or excessive physical activity.

This can be very dangerous because when the body becomes severely underweight, it begins harvesting important issues, such as muscles, for energy.

A very underweight body is also weak and prone to infection.

For severely underweight person, trying to gain weight can take time and patience.

Severely underweight treatment

With a BMI of 15.5, you need to gain weight.

Meaning, you should eat more calories than what your body can regularly burn.

You need to take nutrient-rich foods

To allow a severely undernourished body to repair itself and renew its internal reserves and resources, you need to increase the caloric intake.

Initially, you may want to use formulas that are high in carbohydrates, the World Health Organization explains, such as F-75 and F-100, because initially, the patient's body may not be able to tolerate large amounts of fat, protein and sodium. Regardless, nutrient-dense foods are needed to help the patient gain weight.

Increase food intake gradually

People who are severely underweight may have trouble consuming large amounts of food at once, but you need to give space to your body to accept little more food. Increase your food intake gradually, eat few extra calories and allow some time to your body to accept it. Then add little more calories to existing.

This strategy will definitely help you to achieve your target weight in a healthy way.

Take vitamin supplements

People who are severely underweight often have deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin C and calcium.

These deficiencies will need to be corrected to help restore the body to health. Consider administering a multivitamin unless an acute vitamin deficiency is identified.

Some food supplements help the body absorb more nutrients that is present in your diet.

Usually, this is the problem of people who are severely underweight. Their bodies find it hard to absorb nutrients. This is the reason why no matter how much they eat, they find it difficult to gain weight and build muscles.

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