How Does Dan Bilzerian Stay Healthy

Dan Bilzerian is an American playboy who rose to fame rapidly thanks to social media following a cameo appearance at the 2013 World Series of Poker. During the television broadcast, hardly anybody was paying any attention to the players or the $7 million in the pot. All eyes were on a man in the audience with a woman in a black dress draped over him who spent the entire time stroking his beard. Few had heard of Bilzerian before that night but he quickly became one of the biggest stars on the internet.

Eldest son of Paul Bilzerian, a corporate raider on Wall Street, Dan is a former US Navy Seal trainee who has become a celebrity thanks to more than $50 million in poker winnings and his association to a number of beautiful women. A hedonistic, playboy lifestyle can take its toll on the individual and has led to Dan suffering three heart attacks (he'd had two by the age of 25) that gave him a shocking wake up call.

Dan then made a serious decision to turn his life around and now plans his day accordingly around his meals and workouts. He ensures that he eats at least 20g of protein with every meal and low glycaemic index carbohydrates. This means he only eats good carbs that are found in foods such as fruit, milk, pasta, wholegrain bread and soy products. Bilzerian insists that his new regime is for life and not just a fad diet. He is very dismissive of the Atkins diet and juice cleansing diets.

If you've ever seen Dan Bilzerian's physique, you'll notice that his chest, back and abs are very defined that's clearly where he focuses most of his workouts, his shoulders, legs and arms don't seem to receive the same amount of attention. While Bilzerian isn't very well rounded, in regards to bodybuilding, it is still very impressive and clearly a hit with the ladies. However it isn't only his body that Dan Bilzerian will have to work out, as he needs to keep his mind sharp for poker. Various intense poker games such as the Ladbrokes speed poker game would make the perfect addition to his workout plan, so he can keep his mind focussed and decision-making skills sharp for when he goes to the big poker tournaments.

A typical Dan Bilzerian work out would consist of barbell bench presses, incline bench presses, cable rows, incline dumbbell curls, dead lifts, barbell squats, weighted pull ups and lateral raises. The most effective way of packing on the muscle and definition quickly is by using the reverse pyramid training method. In traditional workouts you usually take a medium weight that you can do for around ten reps and build up to heavier weights for fewer reps.

With reverse pyramid, you start with the heavier weight for the fewer reps and then work your way through lighter weights with more reps. This way, you're in prime condition to complete the heavier weights with your best performance, as opposed to traditional workouts where people are already exhausted before they get to their heaviest weight.