Calories: a source of energy or an enemy to struggle with?

Many people consider calories their greatest enemies but do we need to combat them? Having once heard that calories are associated with being overweight many people, especially female, began to refer calories to the reasons connected with putting on weight. It reminds a situation when you buy cheap essay and want to submit it as an A-grade term paper without realizing how it should look like in reality. However, the function of calories is absolutely different too.

Calories are defined as the amount of energy provided by food consumed by people. Human organism can not function without energy. If we do not provide it with liquid and nutrients, it will soon die. That is why calories are a key to a good functioning of the organism.

At the same time, there is always some norm to be followed for the most efficient work of the organism. The best ratio for people is to consume as many calories as they burn on a daily basis. However, it is very difficult to achieve that. People tend to eat food to get satisfaction but they rarely think how it can influence their organism. As a result, they consume much more than they really need and it results in obesity - the toughest human’s enemy.

According to the diet experts the range of calories to be taken every day depends on different factors. First of all, it is gender and age of the person, but there are other circumstances to be considered as well: they are height, level of activity, lifestyle, overall health etc.

In general, a woman should consume between 1,6k and 2,4k calories per day; figures for men are a bit higher - between 2k and 3k. For example, a toddler of 2 years requires 1k calories per day, while a young man of 18-20 years - 3k calories. At the same time, it is important to remember that the older we get, the slower metabolic rate we have, so by the age of 50 the quantity of calories should decrease by the fourth part.

People who take care of their health and weight do pay attention to the foods they eat and the quantity of calories in them. If you one of those, who want to lose weight, calories count is very important for you. You should not only figure out how many calories you have eaten but also how many of them you have burnt. For example, 20% of the energy is taken by the human brain. The rest must be burnt with the help of physical activity and to support the basal metabolism. We need the energy to be able to think, move, breathe, digest food, maintain the posture etc. Moreover, you can eat two different dishes with the same number of calories and get an absolutely different amount of energy as fruit and vegetables as well as products with protein give more energy than ones with fats or carbohydrates.

How to get enough energy and avoid putting on weight

There are several ways to be full of energy during the day if you follow several pieces of advice. In addition, your energy will not transfer into extra pounds if consumed consciously.

  1. Have breakfast
    Many people make a mistake having a single drink for breakfast. If you eat high in protein and healthy products for breakfast, your organism remains saturated for a longer period of time and you do not need extra snacks.
  2. Consume regular meals
    If you eat at the same time every day, your organism spreads energy right and you do not need extra charges like unhealthy snacks.
  3. Prefer products with slow-burning calories
    It takes longer for them to release energy and you do not get hungry quickly.
  4. Exercise
    How challenging it was not you should do exercises to keep your body fit and burn off all the calories that left after a hard-working day.
  5. Drink more water
    Not only food provides our body with energy. Water is not less significant for us. Pure water is absolutely free of calories but it can easily fill you up.


Though calories play a very important role in the control of body weight, they are not guilty of our bad habits. If a person analyzes what food he consumes and whether it is charged with energy but not calories, there are more chances for such person to avoid putting on weight and stay healthy. Following a healthy way of life and choosing right foods will prevent you from the necessity to count calories and think how to get rid of them.