BMI Calculator for Men

This bmi calculator for men calculates body mass index from your Weight and Height and also shows how your weight compares to other men of the same height and age.

There is no such thing as a BMI calculator for men, but as the pictures show, men and women have different weight distributions.

BMI Calculator for men

Men tend to accumulate mass at the waist, whereas women accumulate weight in the hips and buttocks.

Check your waist circumference

Our BMI calculator for men is for help here, but you also need to measure your waist. The more your BMI calculation is, the greater is the risk for your health. And the risk increases if your waist size is over 40 inches for men.

Risk of Associated Disease According to BMI and Waist Size:

The table below helps you to verify health risks as compared to normal weight.

BMI Waist less than 40 in Waist greater than 40 in
18.4 or less Underweight - -
18.5 – 24.9 Normal - -
25 – 29.9 Overweight Increased High
30 – 34.9 Obese High Very High
35 – 39.9 Severely obese Very High Very High
40 or more Extremely obese Extremely high Extremely high

In order to lose weight safely, try not to lose more than 2 pounds a week.

If only overweight or obesity puts your health in danger, you may apply to quick weight loss, but only if your doctor permits.

How a BMI Calculator for Men Leads to Better Health

Many men obsess over the numbers they see on the scale while trying to lose weight and get in shape. However, a person’s weight is not the most accurate indicator of health. A person’s body mass index, or BMI, is actually a more accurate indicator of whether or not a person has the right amount of body weight in proportion to their height. Most nutritionists and doctors use BMI measurements to determine if a person is at a healthy or unhealthy weight before suggesting a new health regimen. What does every man need to know about his BMI? Take a look at the basics of finding out your BMI.

How to Calculate BMI

BMI is defined by the number achieved when the body mass is divided by the square of the body height. It can sometimes be tricky to do BMI calculations on paper or in your head because the equation uses kilograms and centimeters. Using an online BMI calculator for men that automatically determines BMI once height and weight factors are entered is a good way to get an accurate and consistent measurement in an instant.

BMI for Men

The same standards that apply to women do not apply for men when it comes to BMI. It is important for men to study BMI statistics using only the numbers of other men. A BMI number that is considered to be in one category for women could be in a totally different category for men. The outcome of measuring weight against height falls into one of the following categories on the BMI chart for men:

  • 18.4 and below is underweight.
  • 18.5 to 25 is normal weight.
  • 25 to 30 is overweight.
  • 30 and above is obese.

The Importance of Knowing Your BMI

A BMI measurement provides a good quantification of the amount of tissue mass that consists of muscle, fat and bone. It is important for every man to know his BMI because this number serves as a starting point for creating a healthier body. Knowing your BMI can help you determine the amount of fat and calories you need to consume each day to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight. Simply depending on the scale and recording your weight won't necessarily help you know if you are in a healthy weight category for your body size. Factoring in height when looking at your weight is the key step that so many people mistakenly leave out.